Placement of a bond issue for CPHI-Holding A/S successfully completed

FEB 20, 2020

Interest rate: 12 % p.a.
Maturity: 24 months (+/-6 months)

CPHI-Holding A/S is a holding company that directly and indirectly owns a group of companies with their main operations in businesses concerning airport logistics and airport security. The three main operational companies are BBHS A/S, Exruptive A/S and IntelligentTrackSystems A/S. BBHS develops, sells and markets semi-automated baggage handling systems. Exruptive develops, sells and markets a scanning system for carry-on luggage in airports. ITS develops, sells and markets a system for an intelligent trolley used in airports or in other commercial or larger retail outlets.

This bond issue will mainly be used as working capital in BBHS, Exruptive and ITS. The working capital will be used to further continue their market expansion and to fulfil delivery on already signed deals.

The bond issue is secured with pledge over all the Issuers shares in BBHS, Exruptive, TT-PG ApS, ITS and CPHI Shared Services A/S and Guarantee agreement over the interest payments of up to 15 months by the Main Shareholders.

Roschier Advokatbyrå AB acted as Corporate Finance Legal Advisor as to Swedish Law and Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen Advokatpartnerselskab as to Danish law. The bonds will be registered through Euroclear Sweden.

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